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Rodent control in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas

Squirrel control

Rat, mice, squirrel and mole control in Spalding

Have spotted a rat or mouse in your home or garden? 
Are you plagued by the damage caused by squirrels, rabbits and moles? 
Contact Anglian Pest Control today for a reliable and long lasting solution to your rat or rodent problem.

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The brown rat and the house mouse are the most common pests that affect both domestic and commercial properties.

Both rats and mice carry diseases which contaminate and damage any surface they come into contact with.

They will also chew their way into electrical cables, causing damage to property and serious safety issues.
Rat control experts
Rabbit control


Rabbits are a real problem, their burrows are a danger to both livestock and pets with broken legs being the most common occurrence. They will also cause major damage to crops and vegetation. An initial site visit is made to consider the problem at which time various options will be considered.

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrels can cause serious damage through their gnawing of cables, building structures and other vulnerable materials such as insulation as they search for food or nesting material. They will readily inhabit lofts, attics, and roof spaces as well as outbuildings. 
Methods for dealing with squirrels are trapping and baiting.
Grey squirrel infestations
Fox control


Foxes have substituted hunting for rabbits for scavenging in bin bags and foxes will quite happily dig up your garden in search of earthworms and grubs. Foxes can easily pass on diseases such as distemper, mange and scabies. They may also carry a parasitic worm which may be a health risk to both humans and animals. An initial site visit to ascertain the fox's habits will be carried out to decide the most appropriate method of dealing with the animal.


Small mounds of loose earth (mole hills) appear when moles are active, the damage caused may be indirect but their activities undermine plants allowing the roots to dry out.

Their shallow tunnels can also disturb annual crops.
Mole removal

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